Compassionate candy lovers have something to celebrate: vegan Twix bars are now a thing.

Go Max Go, vegan candy makers extraordinaire, have introduced two new bars: 2fer (a vegan Twix) and white chocolate Cleos peanut butter cups. These new additions join the companys five other flavors, and are available in specialty retailers nationwide €” including some Whole Foods locations, Earth Fare, and more.

€œAs for the new flavors, Twix was the bar we got the most requests to veganize,€ Go Max Go co-founder and co-owner Susan Francovig tells Latest Vegan News €œSince we started Go Max Go weve gotten emails from consumers asking us to please do a Twix like bar, so we did! The Cleos White came about because we had this amazing white chocolate and the Cleos seemed like the best candidate to coat in white chocolate.€

So far, customers have plenty of positive things to say about the new treats. (Even dogs are endorsing the candy creations €” although they cant actually eat them, because chocolate).

€œThe feedback has been amazing!€ says Francovig. €œI think the Cleos White surprised a lot of people because the white chocolate is really flavorful and most white chocolate isnt.  We were able to sample out the new bars to friends and business contacts and everyone was wowed.  A lot of €˜this is my new favorite comments in emails from consumers, so were happy!€

Go Max Go candy bars are available in stores nationwide. You can use the companys store locator to find retailers in your area. And if you dont see them on store shelves, ask! Stores are more likely to carry products if customers request them.