Publication points out that veganism isn’t just about “clean eating” but rather a choice to avoid animal products for myriad reasons.

In a recent feature in media outlet Vice, junior editor Hannah Ewens dispelled the boldly stereotype that veganism is intrinsically linked to clean eating. €œVegans are fat. Vegans are unhealthy. Vegans are poor. Vegans don’t give a [expletive] about a lifestyle blogger. The above list can apply to a lot of vegans a lot of the time.€ Ewens revealed that she is vegan for the animals, environment, and, to some extent, health, while pointing out that the association of €œclean eating€ and €œwellness€ to veganism€”all terms related to dieting€”dilute the ethical reasons why people choose an animal product-free lifestyle and conflates what it means to be vegan with the ideals of health food fanatics. €œFor a lifestyle that restricts a lot of food groups, my experience has been that it’s rarely about denying yourself,€ Ewens said. €œIt doesn’t count calories and above all isn’t built on or centered on shame.€