Rapper participated in Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” series to answer questions about his decision to go vegan.

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame recently participated in the €œAsk Me Anything€ (AMA) series on online forum Reddit to answer questions readers posed about his decision to go vegan. Waka publically announced that he had chosen to go vegan earlier this year with a video that depicted him and singer/songwriter Raury baking vegan blueberry muffins. During the AMA session, users asked Waka for his favorite vegan recipes€”his response was, of course, blueberry muffins€”and other relevant questions. €œI just physically and mentally feel so much better,€ Waka said in response to an inquiry about the biggest change he felt since going vegan. When asked if his fellow musicians teased him about his veganism, the rapper responded that they did not, before adding that €œthey all trying to jump on that vegan wave.€ In addition to promoting the release of his new album, Waka is currently working on a line of vegan marijuana-laced granola.