All-vegan option added amongst Gardein-rich veg-friendly menu.

An all-new plant-based option was added to Yard House menus across the country last week, expanding the restaurants already plentiful vegan-friendly menu. The new entrée, aptly named The Vegan Burger, is made from €œplant-based Gardein and an umami-flavored veggie patty that our chefs mix with red quinoa, kale, and shiitake mushrooms that have been seasoned with garlic, onions, and miso, topped with dairy-free Daiya mozzarella, avocado, tomato, arugula, and onion on an onion, poppy seed bun.€ The Vegan Burger joins Yard Houses extensive vegetarian Gardein menu with vegan and veganizeable options such as BBQ Chicken Salad, Blackened Chicken Torta, and Orange Peel Chicken. €œIn order to stay relevant menus have to evolve,€ chef Carlito Jocson said. €œThese days offering vegan and vegetarian selections arent an option but a necessity as more people reevaluate their diets and intake.€ The new plant-based burger will appear on menus at all 65 locations.